Saturday, July 19, 2008

Read Heat

I had seen somewhere that this book was highly recommended for anyone interested in food. I'm a perfect match. Books and food. That's all I need. And this book delivers on both fronts.

The prose of Mr. Buford is as hilarious as the kitchen mishaps he writes about. He honestly portrays personalities and a trade that are too often whitewashed by family-friendly mass-media. This book dispels any romantic myths about professional kitchens that anyone (such as I to a degree) might have had. It's a tough arena where only the tough survive. This isn't yo granma's kitchen boy. The accounts in Heat are akin to what I think would be the experience of someone walking into a forest fire without having the knowledge of what fire is. It's dangerous. But it's a passion. And passion requires sacrifice. If you're sanity is the price, than so be it.

Anyways, I highly recommend this book. If you're at all interested in Italian cookery, this book is informative. Plus it's really funny and a quick read.

Isn't food fabulous?!

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