Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making food in a house with roommates

I feel a tad guilty for not being very diligent with this blog. The truth, however, is that I used to cook alot more than what I do now. The reason why I don't cook as much now? Roommates.

Firstly, my girlfriend and I have a third of the fridge space we enjoyed when we lived alone. This drastically limits the size of our groceries which in turn limits the amount of recipes we can make since recipes tend to make for much larger groceries than every day food.

Secondly, my roommates have what I'll call "quirks" when it comes to the kitchen. My way of cooking is usually to take my time whilst listening to the radio or some music. Now with roommates, it seems that when I want to start cooking, they decide they would also like to start cooking. Too many cooks in the kitchen is a literal thing here.

Also, there's the issue of dishes and dirty countertops. There's always dirty dishes. Always. And it seems like an alien idea for my roommates that countertops can be quickly cleaned with a wet dishclothe once they're done in the kitchen. Unfortunately, there's always crumbs and patches of crusty who-knows-what on the countertops.

These factors make it so that making food is limited to what's quick and unimaginative. I don't like a dirty kitchen. I don't like living with roommates...these people who live their lives in what I consider to be my space (although recognising that they probably feel the same about me). The only advantage of having roommates is that it costs alot less for rent and bills. But I've made decisions justified by finances before and it never turned out to be ideal.

I can't wait till I have a real job...