Saturday, July 12, 2008

Apricot and Chocolate Panino

I'm pretty sure it was apricot season when I made this. My deduction is based on the amount of the ripe little sour fruit which were pilled at the supermarket (but supermarkets are a bitch for not carrying seasonal items in their appropriate seasons...however, apricots don't grow this far north so my local farmer's market can't correct the supermarket's ignorance). Regardless, these little finds coincided with my viewing chef Massimo Capra's recipe during a Restaurant Makeover of the Bulldog Coffee House.

It's simple. Slice bread (traditionally a ciabatta if you're making panini but, hey, whatever...12 grain is healthier). Slather with your own or purchased chocolate hazelnut sauce. Halve apricots. Remove pith. Place on chocolate. Grill on panini press. Enjoy.

The fruit makes it healthy...wink, it's great for breakfast...or lunch...or dinner...or late night snack. And it's kid friendly. Big and small alike. Simple and delicious. I'm hungry...

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