Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lobster Stock and Onion Soup

Remember all of those lobsters I had about a month ago. Well of course you don't because I'm the only one who keeps track of my culinary life (I hope) but suffice it to say that I had made lobster stock with the carcasses of the gazillion lobsters I had. I made a slightly unappetizing green stock which I promptly froze till the day where I would have use for it.

Well I thought a new take on French onion soup would be a great idea. Replace the sherry and beef stock with lobster stock and maybe a splash of white wine. Wrong. It didn't really work. The flavours where like water and oil. They were in the same container but they refused to cooperate with one another.

Plus there's this debate about whether or not cheese should ever be paired with fish or shellfish. I'm not saying that I have an answer or a stance since the whole soup was a flop. I mean it wasn't gross but it wasn't tasty either. Just sort of wrong. Maybe a better culinary mind could achieve something with this combination. If you are that person than let me know where I went wrong. It seems I'm doomed to keep treading along the path of other people's recipes.


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