Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lima Bean and Grape Tomato Salad

I originally bought this salad from the supermarket from those meal-in-a-box counters. I know. Totally out of character. Oh well.

Anyways, it's a really simple salad that I made with a lemon vinaigrette (2/3 olive oil, 1/3 freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper). The salad itself consists of a can of lima beens - mine looked a bit sick - grape or other tiny tomatoes, the tender yellow celery stalks, julienned carrots, the sprouts of your choice - alfalfa or bean sprouts or whatever - a good handful of fresh parsley chopped, roughly chopped green beans and a few green onions. Really simple. Really fresh. Really good.

Another such salad I'd eaten once - and by "such salad" I mean lettuce-less salads - was at a Native Canadian dinner. Along with bannock and roasted deer meat, there was a simple salad of wild rice, pine nuts and fresh blueberries. All very Northern Ontario. I don't even think they had a vinaigrette to go along with it but it was really delicious and fresh. Very local. And local isn't always possible in the great white north.

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