Sunday, September 7, 2008

Popcorn, the right and easy way

I haven't done any research but I'm sure that a simple web browsing will reveal a million things that are wrong with microwave popcorn. Hell! Just using the microwave apparently alters your food on the cellular level. So I don't own a microwave. I use a toaster-oven now. And my stove of course.

Anyways, popcorn is really easy and fun. Just melt enough oil or mixture of oil and butter in the bottom of a pot, sprinkle one layer of popcorn in the bottom, heat, shake it up, and let it pop. Even if you cover this stuff with a pound of melted butter, it would probably be healthier than whatever is in those microwave bags. Think about it a minute; butter at room temperature melts; microwave butter popcorn is not in liquid form; A+B = what the fuck, man!?

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