Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amateur Mushroom Hunting

We went mushroom hunting this morning. It's late September and it's been raining for the past few days. Logic says that there should be a tonne of mushrooms in the area. We weren't dissapointed when we visited the first legs of the Dobson Trail in Riverview. However, we didn't venture to cook any of these fungal delights.

The slugs were having a field day amongst almost all of the mushrooms. This bolete was having a particularly bad day.

There were quite a few bracket mushrooms all over the forest but no Hens of the Woods. The trees were mostly conifers so next time we'll try to find a hardwood forest. Or a field where we could hopefully spot some really cool giant puffballs.

I'm pretty sure these last two photos are of false chanterelles. The were orangy-brown, in the funnel shape but their gills were wavy whereas real chanterelles (if I understood properly) are supposed to have well structured straight gills.

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David said...

Those last ones don't look like chantarelles to me. But to clarify, chantarelles gills are fairly blunt and shallow, often forked or cross-veined. So your "well structured straight gills" comment sounds a bit off to me.

Happy hunting!