Sunday, September 7, 2008

Panko Shrimp with Pineapple Cream Sauce

My girlfriend loves shrimp. She also loves them breaded with coconut and dipped in a sweet sauce. Plus this gave me a great excuse to buy some panko bread crumbs that I found at my neighbourhood natural food store. You know you've heard of this stuff. All the chef's on TV are always yapping on about panko this and panko that. They're basically Japanese style bread crumbs made with no crust. They're crustless. And delicious when used for frying.

We basically just created a breading station (flour, eggwash, panko breadcrumbs) and then fried the shrimp till curly and crispy. The restaurants where I've eaten this have used coconut flakes for the breading. It would work. Would probably be better even. Especially considering the ingredients of the dipping sauce.

For the sauce, we tried thickening cream with orange juice but it doesn't work as well as lemon juice (the lemon reacts with the cream to thicken it). Anyways, we added crushed pineapples and a bit of sugar to the unthickened cream. It made a nice, relatively light dipping sauce for the hot and crispy shrimp. Not the healthiest stuff but better than any meal-in-a-box. Maple Leaf Listeria monocytogenes contaminated food anybody?

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