Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blood Pudding in All Day Breakfast Salad

The fact that I was making a warm salad from the first chapter of Cook with Jamie was one thing. I mean, warm salad. Not even hot. Just warm. But the real kicker was that the recipe for "all day breakfast salad" asks for a major yuck factor ingredient, blood pudding. I thought to myself, what the hell, I'll try it. I'll get it from the French guy at the market who I know I can trust for quality and ignore all the stories I heard my parents relate where their parents had made them eat blood pudding. At least I could say that I ate it. I wasn't undaunted by a little blood.

To tell you the truth, I don't think it was the blood pudding that made this recipe kind of gross. You start off by cooking the blood pudding cut into rings with the bacon. Well the French guy at the market warned me that the blood pudding would come apart and that's the first thing that happened. But then you have to through some stale bread in. Now the recipe doesn't tell you to drain the fat. And it certainly doesn't mention anything about the bits of blood pudding that are floating around in the fat. So when you throw the bread in, all that happens is that a sort of greasy mush forms.

You then have to mix the mush with a handful of yellow endive leaves, an English mustard vinaigrette and top the whole with a poached egg. So I didn't mind the taste of blood pudding. Really. It's more of the grease factor and the fact that everyone I talked to made their ugliest face when I told them I had eaten blood pudding. Supposedly it's best when warmed up with apple slices. I unfortunately didn't have a chance to try this out. The blood pudding appeared in the trash before I could use the rest of it. It's a mystery how that happened. I swear.

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