Thursday, January 17, 2008

Smoked Herring Sandwich

Looking at this photo some of you might think that it looks delicious. "Doest mine eyes see pickled onions?" you may wonder. "And smoked herring! How delightful!" Well to think such thoughts might be right in certain circumstances but not here. No, this sandwich was a class-A dissapointment. It's not the flavour pairings; that is to say that it's flavour failure is none of my fault. No the fault here lies in the quality of the fish.

Truth be told, the appropriate name for this fish would be "oversalted herring" and not "smoked herring". I'm sure herring is delicious but the amount of salt here was quite literally disgusting. Like when there's so much salt that you're getting the sweats, there's a problem.

If, however, you do find good quality smoked herring or pickled herring or canned herring, here is what I recommend you pair it with to make a fabulous sandwich: 1) a good quality dark rye bread; 2) strong russion style or honey dijon mustard; 3) onions pickled in malt vinegar England style. With strong flavours come other strong flavours to make a strongly flavoured whole. The trick is to make everything shine and not put anything in there that would simply go totally unnoticed. It's robust cooking. Thump your chest and call yourself Bif. Har. Har. Har.

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