Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Asparagus & Fennel Quiche

Making recipes is fun to a certain extent. But what's even better is when you're left with a whole bunch of ingredients that you're not altogether familiar with and have to use your creativity to make something of it. This is exactly what this quiche was. Leftover flaky dough and vegetables from Jamie Oliver's funky salad.

I absolutely adored this quiche. The idea of having a pie that's also an omelette was great. I'm not sure I've ever eaten quiche before. Go figure. However, I think this impromptu recipe was better, say, than quiche Lorraine which is just bacon, ham and cheese. Just pop into a 425 degree oven for about 40-45 minutes and enjoy.

The leftovers that went into my quiche (whole spears of asparagus, a few leaves of arugula, a bunch of chervil, half a finelly sliced fennel bulb, fennel greens and mozzarella) blended so well together in this rich, fluffy, perfectly textured omelette pie. Plus a cool thing was that all of the ingredients floated up towards the surface as the eggs rose. Simple things amuse simple minds ;)

Anyways, quiches are officially part of my favourites list. Plus it's an excuse to make pie dough! All that flaky goodness just begging for a partener to combine with. A partener such as butter and brown sugar rolled into pinwheels...mmmm...

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apricot said...

Frittata is a good way of using up these kind of leftovers (quiche without pastry)

I have roasted peppers and fennel and will be going for frittata tonight !!