Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend by the Beach

This is the view I woke up to in my tent this morning...the only thing better than this would be if the same view was from my bed in my own beachside house through my floor to ceiling windows. But that will come later. Much later.

Food-wise, this weekend was also fantastic. We started off with a simple but delicious breakfast. We fried an egg (making sure to keep the yoke runny), and sandwiched it between an English muffin, bacon and a slice of processed cheese. It's like an Egg McMuffin but homemade which always equals better. With this breakfast sandwich I made some home fries, frying the boiled potatoes in the bacon fat and throwing sausage meat, onions, garlic, lemon, and paprika in with them. Complete with a tall glass of orange juice, the day was off to a great start.

We then went to the market where I found goat farmer who agreed to sell me some goat milk if I go get it myself (I want to make some cajeta - Mexican caramel - soon and goat's milk is a must). We also ended up buying a jug of apple cider and a pound of some whole shrimp that had been caught and cooked on the boat that morning.

Finally, we made supper tonight out of these shrimp and some clams I picked on the beach. I cooked the clams with one onion, some garlic, two tomatoes, a bit of celery, olive oil, a bottle of pale ale (leftover from last night's beach bonfire), fresh parsley, thyme, and oregano. Though I did rinse the clams properly, there was still some grit. They were good nonetheless. Especially considering that I picked them myself.

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