Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bland Black Bean & Garlic Strir-fry

It's been a pretty boring day as far as food is concerned. The only thing remotely interesting was supper which took care of using up most of the vegetables we had left in the fridge. I julienned carrots and a beet, cut up a good serving of bok choy, grated some ginger, threw in some mini corn on the cobs and sliced water chestnuts, small button mushrooms, snow peas, bean sprouts, onion, and zuchini. I served it with some cellophane noodles, those clear noodles that only take a second or two to hydrate. I then went the lazy route and poured in a 350 ml bottle of President's Choice Memories of Hong Kong Spicy Black Bean & Garlic Sauce. The sauce was neither spicy nor did it taste of anything fantastic. Good old oyster sauce and soy sauce would have done the same.
My stir-frys usually end up this bland. They always taste the same. In my "other food blog" section you see to the right, there's a website where all this guy cooks is asian food. Next time I venture to the culinary far-east, I'll consult his pages first. Referring to the experts is usually better than stumbling through food preparation on your own unless you've got years of experience under your belt and a pallet that would make even the legendary Épicure jealous.

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