Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coffee Smoothie

Well there really isn't much to explain about this recipe. Any half intelligent person with eyes looking at the above photo and the title of this post would deduce that this is chilled coffee (leftovers from the morning), blended with sugar, cream and ice. It's as simple as that. But quite good and pretty different from it's hot morning counterpart.

PLEASE NOTE - If you give this to children, make sure to send them to the neighbours house after or something.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry, I know you aren't posting to this blog anymore, but since I discovered your entry on Jamie Oliver's Amazing Potato Salad I wanted to read more. The last part made me laugh out loud. Several of the local coffee shops in my neighborhood have signs that say unwatched children will be given pastries and lattes. :) You have a talent for last lines!