Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pork Chops with Bubble and Squeak

There are two items to this recipe which I love. The first is the fact that I found out that pork chops don't have to be thin dry white hunks of meat that I was served as a kid. The second is the fact that I made "bubble and squeak" which bears the coolest name after "bangers and mash" in the culinary world. Those British sure know how to name their food (ooh by the way, I had steak and kidney pie the other day at my local Irish good!!!).

This recipe comes from Trish Hilferty's wonderful Gastropub Classics. As far as recipes go, this isn't particularly complicated. Like anything, it's mostly in the quality of ingredients. The pork was the first step. I bought local organic pork chops with the rib still attached. (I might be wrong but I think pork chops are actually the pork loin or rib steak of the pork...who knows...I'm no butcher.) These chops were simply prepared with salt and pepper and fried in a pan until cooked. Nothing magical there.

But now for the magical part; the bubble and squeak. First you've got to make mashed potatoes. Boiled potatoes with butter and milk. You then fry an onion with some bacon, add 5 times the amount of cabbage as what there was bacon and cook till the cabbage is tender. Now for the fun part. Add the cabbage, bacon and onion mixture to the mashed potatoes, shape into patties and fry till golden brown.

This meal might seam simplistic but it's really great. Bubble and squeak are definitely on my favourite food list now...both for name and flavour.

Oh and seeing as it's from Gastropub Classics you really do have to have a pint of the best real ale while eating this. Those who don't are just uncool.

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