Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Norwegian Gjetost Cheese

While driving through the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, we were looking for things to see. We visited the Just Us coffee roasting factory (see next post), a few stores in Wolfville, and Foxhill Cheese House. At first we couldn't get to the cheese factory because a transport had sort of capsized in the ditch. But we went up to the Look Off, couldn't look off because of the fog and then returned back into the valley to find the transport gone. That's when we emerged into the cheese house.

Foxhill makes a bunch of cheeses including some quark (a sort of cream cheese), various havarti, cheddar, gouda, curds and others. To be honest, I wasn't overly impressed by Foxhill's own brand of cheeses. I mean they were ok - certainly better than the crap at the supermarkets- and their curds were fresh, squeeky and what you would expect from quality curds. But their other cheeses were just alright. What really caught my attention were the little samples of brown cheese that they had alongside the samples of their own cheeses.

You can get a full description at http://www.norwegiancheeses.co.uk/ski_queen.htm but suffice it to say that the Norwegian Gjetost cheese is boiled down whey which caramelizes and ends up tasting like a cross between caramel and cheese. It's really unique and really good. They say that you're supposed to eat it thinly sliced on hot toast which I'll really have to try. So far, it's just good on it's own in big slices.

Another product they had at Foxhill was gelato. Now here is where the cheese house shone for us. Their gelato was rich and creamy but light enough so that you don't confuse it with really creamy ice cream. I had pumpkin to celebrate the season which was nicely flavoured, not overpowering like some pumpkin products can sometimes be. My girlfriend had the coconut flavour to celebrate, um, her love of coconuts I guess.

So to recap, Foxhill gelato good, Foxhill cheese ok. Gjetost really, really cool.

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julie said...

I too like gjetost,thinly sliced on Ryvita biscuits