Sunday, October 5, 2008

My pickles are done! And I haven't died of botulism!

September 23rd was the date my pickles were ready. They turned out pretty much exactly how I expected them to. They were a bit mushy in the middle but hopefully, next time, with kosher or pickling salt and not cutting the pickles they might turn out better. And everything stayed sealed. Next summer, I'm canning soup, tomatoes, and who knows what else.

Pickling. It's not just for grandma anymore!

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3 Chic Chicks said...

A quick tip I learned on pickling pickles for the first time ever...soak the cuc's in ice water for 2 hours minimum before pickling...a nice crunchy pickle is what you;ll get! I did 24 jars this year and so far, everyone that has been opened has a crunch!