Friday, May 23, 2008

Grilled Salmon

Salmon is something I consider to be a product that needs no help. Cured, smoked, raw or cooked, salmon has a killer flavour that is a real treat. Here I didn’t try to annihilate the flavour. I simply cut a slit in the salmon fillet, stuffed it with fresh dill, thin onion slices, and lemon. I strapped it all together and voila.

I think that the results would have been best if I’d made a sauce with the dill, the onions and some grill lemon (which is really great if you’ve never tried it...mellows out the juices). The salmon sort of started falling apart and, as usual, I didn’t cook the flesh enough. I have a hard time with that. My well done steaks always come off medium-rare. I need a small meat thermometer or something.

Anyways, the grilled salmon has room for improvement. Maybe basted with maple syrup next time with a small amount of Dijon and dill sauce. Mmm...sounds good.

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