Friday, May 30, 2008

Fiddleheads and Steak

Fiddleheads are a New Brunswick staple. The unfurled fern shoots grow in sandy soils by water and are harvested here in the spring like they were made of gold. Everyone's got their spot. And trust me, we went out to harvest our own one day and only found woody stubs where fiddleheads used to be. We're not locals. We don't have first dibs. So we buy them at the market and hang our heads in shame.

I think the primary virtue of fiddleheads is that they're cool looking in all their curly cuteness. They taste like mild asparagus. Some people boil them but we sauteed them with butter and garlic. Supposedly they're good with butter and vinegar. All I know is that they're good. And they go well with steak. Which I am finally getting a hang of by the way. Praticing my squeeze technique. More on that later.

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