Friday, May 30, 2008

Fancy Foibled Fish & Chips

My intentions in the kitchen often do not match the results. I'm getting better at every attempt. But results vary.

The recipe for this particular dish comes from Canada's grill genius, Rob Rainford. As you can see in the above photo and here the idea is to wrap the halibut (which is in season here by the Atlantic) in prosciutto and then wrap that in a layer of very thinly sliced potatoes. Now below you see how it turned out on my own grill. Yes. That's right. The potatoes are no longer wrapped around the fish and cured ham.

The failure is due to the following factor: I did not use my food processor to slice the potatoes thinly. I thought I'd do it by hand but apparently my knife work still needs more practice. The result was still very delicious.

The fresh halibut which we got at the farmer's market is simply dressed in salt, pepper and lemon zest. You then wrap it in a slice of prosciutto. If you can slice your potatoes thinly enough, toss them in melted butter, salt and pepper, arrange on a piece of foil. Wrap the fish in the potatoes (much easier said than done) and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to let the butter set. In a perfect world, you then take the package from the frige, place on a well oiled sheet of foil on the barbecue, cook 5 to 6 minutes on either side and enjoy with tartar sauce or a lemon couli.

If you do not live in a perfect world, you can make little foil packages of sliced and buttered potatoes and cook these apart from the fish. I think this is a much safer idea. But I will attempt to replicate the first photo again. If a professional TV chef can do it, so can I. Or maybe I can't.

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