Saturday, March 22, 2008

Leftover Failure

With the remainder of the failed yellow curry and coconut milk chicken (I’d cooked it in the crock pot and have discovered yet again that such flavourful dishes don’t hold up when overcooked) I made some delicious quesadillas with the fresh handmade tortillas we were sent from Mexico. Unlike the storebought crappy tortillas, these were really thin and delicious. Once grilled with the failed though tender chicken, salsa and cheese inside to make an overstuffed quesadilla to die for, the tortillas were nice and crispy.

With yet more chicken and tortillas to get rid of and considering that I’m on a rampage of making alot of breakfasts lately, I made breakfast burritos. I don’t know how Mexican this actually is but it was delicious regardless. Basically it’s just scrambled eggs wrapped in a tortilla. I made it with the leftover chicken, loads of dried Mexican pork, some tomatoes, cheese and green onions. It was a great hearty meal and very simple to make. Accompanies by a nice cup of fresh organic coffee you have just the right start to your day to endure about half a days work. Then comes lunch...

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