Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goose Eggs

When I go to the market, I have a hard time resisting unique or odd items. Like today I bought kimchi from these two Korean ladies. I’d made my own once but here it was, authentic and ready made. So when I saw the little sign that said “goose eggs $1.50” I really couldn’t resist.

The egg has a very thick shell. I really had to give it a good whack to be able to crack it. I then discovered that a goose egg equals about 3 or 4 large chicken eggs. Eating it was like eating a steak. The thing was massive. I had a girlfriend in high school who had an emu farm. Those eggs are at least the size of 4 or 5 goose eggs so it would make for a pretty hardy meal. A bit too hearty maybe.

What I really like about the goose egg was the colour of the yoke. It was a nice rich, almost creamy yellow colour. I find that chicken eggs, even supposedly free run eggs are getting to be of a highlighter yellow colour. It’s fishy. Especially when you get this nice goose egg from a local farmer whose yoke is the colour a yoke should be, it’s suspicious when you get a chicken egg that has no richness to it. I’m sure that there’s something going on with storebought eggs, either the hormones or the environment or something. But market bought eggs are definitely better. Market and therefore locally bought anything is better.

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joseph said...

That goose egg sounds like it might be a bit like the turkey egg that I got. The yolk was thick and rich and orange. A turkey egg is probably a good deal smaller than a goose egg, but still quite large.