Sunday, February 3, 2008

Breakfast As Therapy

I look over my blog entries and notice that the amount of entries posted is directly related to circumstances of day to day life. For example, the last week or so has been a series of frustrations regarding broken furnaces, bursting pipes and the insuing frustrations of tenants. Put simply, it's been a rough and very expensive week. But once the heat was back on and the water was flowing through the pipes, I started cooking again.

For some, cooking is frustrating. The coordination of various processes which need to be timed so that everything comes out at the same time can be demanding. But for me it's like meditating. It demands my attention and creativity and plunges me into a set of steps which allow the outside world to melt away for 30 minutes. It's methodical. It's skill. It's an escape. And the best time for this is early in the morning before another day of work starts.

When craving something sweet in the morning, there's absolutely nothing that can beat crepes. Their chewy yet smooth, buttery texture is simple bliss. I bought some molasses last time I went to the grocery store. The rich, almost burnt taste of the molasses poured lightly on top of the crepes is pure indulgence. With regards to the recent events, I'd even say that it's a deserved indulgence.
Also in the line of indulgences comes the farmer's market. What you see above are poached eggs, apple sausage that tastes slightly of cinnamon and a slew of other spices, madawaska cheese, and heavy German multigrain rye bread. Along with a strong cup of coffee and a sweet glass of orange juice, the day is off to a great start. And the fact that I don't have to melt snow in order to clean the dishes is an even greater start to the day. It's really incredible how dependant we are on luxuries such as running water and electricity.

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