Monday, November 5, 2007

Chocolate Fondu

So I've been having alot of dégustations lately but the word "dégustation" really fulfills its meaning when you're dipping everything in chocolate. The idea --- if you've never had a chocolate fondu --- is to melt chocolate in a bowl and serve it with a whole bunch of fruit. We had grapes, strawberries, pineapple, mango, banana, pear, apple, and kiwis. Yet we included things which aren't traditionally served with a chocolate fondu: cheddar cheese, popcorn and pastrami slices. We also cut up some pieces of a really unique cheese we bought at the market that has violet petals in the cheese. It didn't taste too fantastic with the chocolate but it's still a really good, original cheese.

For the chocolate, we simply melted chipits of milk chocolate along with some Carnation evaporated milk. If you don't want a chocolate overload --- as if such a thing exists --- you're better to add more milk to the chocolate. When you're pigging out on a tonne of fruit you're best to have a lighter chocolate or else you'll have too much very quickly.

Anyways, I think there should be more fondus of every kind available at restaurants. They're great for a group and cater to the typically North American need to eat slower. Or you can have a fondu for two and take time to take time...if that makes any sense.

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