Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food on the Backburner

My schedule at work right now makes it nearly impossible for me to cook anything. I go to work at 9 AM and come back at 7 PM which means that almost all my meals are limited to sandwiches, granola bars, and frozen foods.

I have, however, had the chance to go for a hike on Sunday at Fundy National Park here in New Brunswick. The trail was about a 45 minute walk and then you came upon a really nice waterfall (pictured above). The hitch is that you had to climb back up the steep hill for a good 15 minutes...wait loss the natural way ;)

For lunch on our hike we brought some sweet peas and fresh garden carrots we had bought at the market the day before. They're coming into season and they make a great snack...better than anything which has suffered through some sort of cooking process. Oh and while I'm talking about the market, might as well mention that I bought a huge jug of goat's milk to make cajeta (mexican milk-based caramel). I'll post the yummy results of this soon. Till then, sorry for not posting much...I really wish I could be cooking instead of...well...doing anything else :)

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