Monday, July 2, 2007

Fish Tortillas With Kiwi Salsa

I got the idea (not the recipe) for fish tortillas with a fruit salsa from one of Bobby Flay's shows. Though I usually serve my tortillas with mango salsa like Flay did, I had kiwis on hand and figured I would try it out. Also something different I did was grill the fish instead of lightly coating it in flour, salt and pepper and pan frying it. The result of these changes was that the kiwi didn't stand up to the other flavours (especially those of the salsa) and half the fish flaked off to the bottom of my bbq. With a good splash of fresh lemon juice, the result was good but not as delicious as when I make it with mango salsa.

Anywho, for the salsa, simply combine 1 cubed mango, about half that amount of red onion, a jalapeno or pepper of choice, handful cilantro, a clove of garlic and juice of 1 lime. Use any fish you like and serve with fresh lemon to squeeze.

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