Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lobster Rolls!!!

As you may know, there are two seasons for lobster: spring and fall. Anyone who knows anything about lobsters will tell you that spring lobster is the best. Their shells are full and they have a sweeter taste. Though the lobsters we found on special at the grocery store isn't nearly as good as the stuff we'll have access to in a few months once we move back to the Maritimes, eating these crimson darlings definitely hit the spot.

Lobster rolls, an East Coast specialty, hell they even serve it at McDonald's over there, are as easy as preparing chicken salad sandwiches. Protein (lobster meat) + mayonnaise (as much as you think necessary) + chopped green onions and celery + salt and pepper + a few leaves of lettuce + good quality bun with its insides grilled as you would do with grilled cheese = lobster roll. Yummers!

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