Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home Grown Garlic

Garlic is wonderful. It's delicious and, as an added bonus, totally easy to grow. Last fall, I'd planted 7 cloves in my garden. This spring, braving the frosty nights and hot southern exposure, they popped up and started growing like mad. I harvested the scapes about a month ago and made garlic scape pesto (better than basil based pesto any day). And now, just two weeks into July, I've harvested the little beauties, gave two heads to my grandmother and now am trying to save at least a few heads to plant this fall.

Now I don't know if I'm planting the garlic properly. My uncle plants the whole head in and not just one clove like I did. Also, home grown garlic tends to be bigger than what I've got. I'm not complaining but next year there will have to be some fin tuning and maybe a bit more experimentation. For now I'm just happy with the results.

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