Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Change of Heart

On March 11, 2009, I had written a post entitled "The End". It was me throwing in the towel on a previous incarnation of this blog. Well, truth be told, it's been anything but the end. I've obviously kept cooking and have even diversified into gardening, scavenging, and environmental activism.

The reason for my change of heart - according to what I can identify based on the muddle that is my thought-flow - is twofold: 1) a lovely Seattle woman named Jenny wrote two very nice comments on my blog which stirred something in me, gave me a desire to keep writing and 2) my good friend Rowena's blog is simply vibrating with life and adventure which can do nothing but move one to keep fighting for good, healthy, environmentally sound, and socially responsible food.

So that's that. Don't expect that everything will have to do with food. I'm broadening things up from this being a food blog to something which attempts to be an umbrella for my multifarious interests.

And let me tell you that that's quite an umbrella.

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