Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breakfast Crepe Panini

Chain restaurants are so easily imitated and surpassed it's ridiculous. I know that it's part of the whole marketing brainwash that people run to chain restaurants but I still think it's ridiculous. We were paid a meal at Boston Pizza over the holidays and I'd rather have gone without eating for a week.

At Cora's Breakfast, a breakfast chain that specialises in nice fruit presentations, they've come up with what you see above: ham, eggs and cheese rolled into a crepe and grilled in a panini press. This is ridiculously easy to make. I don't even need to write it out for you.

All I do need to mention though is that you shouldn't make your crepes too sweet. A nice contrast of sweet and salty is good but not too much. Unless you want to pour maple syrup over the whole thing in the tradition of sugar shacks...but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Sixteen's Area Wings said...

I agree with you about chain restaurants...
I have to say, being someone who can't cook and manages to burn cereal, it's not "ridiculously easy" for me... I was excited to find your blog, hoping I could find instructions on how to make the Cora's paninicrepe... but instead, it's so easy that you didn't write it! I would have appreciated if you did decide to write something out!