Monday, December 8, 2008

Ceramic Coated Frying Pan Rocks

I'm as much of an environmentalist as what I am a foodie. So when the two come together, I'm all atitter with excitement.

There are two lines of environmentally friendly, toxic-free cookware that have come out in our neck of the woods recently: EarthChef and Eco-Chef. Basically, they're the same...ceramic coated cookware that doesn't realease any toxic chemicals into every meal that you cook in them. The frying pan I bought is also made out of recycled materials and has a bamboo handle (actually a grass that reproduces really quickly which makes can sometimes make it a better choice than unsustainably produced wood). Along with a cast iron frying pan, you can't get any healthier than this.

Plus this frying pan is definitely the best I've ever owned. Nothing sticks to it. And you don't have those little black bits that start mixing into the food either.

So go green. Your health and the environment will thank you.

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