Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grilled Orange Butter Scallops

I realised two things while preparing this meal: grilling scallops is made easy by the use of skewers and butter flavoured with oranges could make a really delectable topping for fresh crepes. But the crepes aren't the focus here. The scallops are.

I took this recipe from The Great Scallop and Oyster Cookbook. It's chocful of recipes for baked, grilled, raw and other preparations for these shellfish. I've also got another cookbook from the same series for mussels and clams.

There's really nothing surprising about the recipe I used. Skewer a bunch of scallops (a lady was selling them at work by the hug bag full). For the orange butter, all you need is the juice and zest of one large orange, 1 tsp of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of butter. Simple and great when basted and charred on the grill.

For the pasta, I basically repeated the flavour of the orange in a sort of simple orange sauce vierge with tomatoes, zucchini, spaghettini and parmesan. All and all, it was a nice, well balances supper.

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