Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fisherman's Paradise : A Review

I've been getting more and more picky when it comes to restaurants. What I hate is paying inflated prices for something that I could do at home and could probably do better. An example of this is the Pisces restaurant in Moncton where the surf and turf came with a double boiled and cold half lobster. Yesterday we went to another seafood restaurant here in Dieppe and it blew the competition out of the water.

The Fisherman's Paradise is a bit fancy in decor. Yet it's not like fancy chain fancy. It's more of a local, small-town fancy. The waiters wear a white shirt and the bartender has a black vest over his shirt. The lights are low but everything rings as unpretentious. We walked in in our jeans. The woman at the table beside us was wearing her black dress in front of her equaly darkly clad and moustachiod husband. We didn't receive any worst service than what they did.

What really made the Fisherman's Paradise a definite regular destination for me was the food. Once again it wasn't fancy for fancy's sake. There weren't any grand presentation that taste like crap. I took the Captain's Plate which included a baked fillet of sole with cheese sauce, baked stuffed shrimp, breaded scallops wrapped in bacon and breaded fried clams. As you can see, Red Lobster has nothing on these guys (there are no restaurants of this chain in this part of the country...they would go out of business in a week with competition like this). Every piece of seafood had it's unique taste and presentation. The sole's cheese sauce was rich. The stuffed shrimps were perfectly cooked and the stuffing was really delicious. The scallops were crispy and tasted fresh like only fresh scallops can be. The fried clams were lightly battered which didn't make them greasy. As an added bonus, the salad that came with the plate was mind blowing. It was what you would expect from a salad but with homemade croutons and a chunky, sweet, homemade blue cheese sauce. The meal finished with some nice cheese cake, the kind with the filling whipped up and the crust hidding granules of crunchy sugar.

I couldn't recommend the Fisherman's Paradise enough. I know my words probably fall short of describing how good it was but being the not-easily-impressed-restaurant-goer that I am, just saying that I recommend it is already alot. Really good food and typical Maritime easygoing.

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